Experienced Timber Woodworker

Job Description

Timber Woodworkers will be responsible for setting up, operating, and tending to woodworking machinery like power saws, planers, sanders, lathes, jointers, shapers and routers used for cutting and shaping parts of lumber, and other wood products. At our facilities woodworkers will be required to shape and assemble components by studying blueprints, supervisor’s directions, or sketches made by the woodworkers themselves. Before any cuts are made, woodworkers have to make measurements, marking the products where it should be cut. All dimensions must be double checked, and parts must be trimmed utilizing planes, hand chisels, sanders, and wood files to make sure the parts fit snuggly together. Those with minimal woodworking skills will watch and assist experienced woodworkers. They may feed the machines with materials, perform clean up or gather the products as they are produced. Beginners will also perform simple machine operations as experienced workers look on. After some experience is gained more difficult tasks will be assigned to them. Some workers will learn to understand blueprints, prepare and set up equipment, or plan out the sequence in which the operations will be performed. A great attitude and the willingness to learn to become a true craftsman are required.

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